Vacuum Sealer Bags

Videmaster vacuum sealer bags will create an excellent barrier of protection against freezer burn during long term freezer storage. Ideal for personal or professional use. Use our food vacuum sealer bags, and preserve any type of food. Videmaster vacuum sealer bags have a circular textured film pattern, ensuring that the air is expelled quickly and efficiently. Great for all kinds of food, like marinated meat and fish fillets, chicken and sausages, vegetables, coffee and anything else that comes in mind.

Our bags work with almost all 'clamp style' vacuum sealers, so you can be sure they will work with your machine. If you require a free sample before you buy, just drop us a message and we'll send you a few out to try!

Some great features of our vacuum food bags are:


  • Superior quality vacuum sealing bags, completely BPA free.
  • Great vacuum machine compatibility. 
  • Enjoy sous vide cooking with our boilable food storage bags.
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable food sealer bags.
  • Reduce food wastage, avoid freezer burns and seal in natural juices!