Box Purchase - 10 pack - 15 x 30 cm Vacuum Food Sealer Bags (100s)

Box Purchase - 10 pack - 15 x 30 cm Vacuum Food Sealer Bags (100s)

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A full box of 15 x 30cm Vacuum Food Sealer Bags - 10 packs = 1000 bags in total.

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These bags are great for individual pork chops or blocks of cheese. Due to the bag being longer than our 16x23 size bags, it means you can open and re-seal more times.

Packaged in 100s, these bags make a great addition to any vacuum sealer bag range and are inexpensive to keep in for that 'just the right size' moment. If you need a bigger size, then you may need one of our bigger sized bags or a vacuum sealer roll.

Our vacuum sealer bags are certified food safe and are BPA free. They are made from the highest quality transparent polyamide (PA) air impenetrable exterior and polyethene (PE) food approved interior, which is suitable for sous vide cooking. They are boilable, dishwasher and freezer safe, and can be used in the microwave (pierce bag first)

All our vacuum sealer bags and rolls will work with the majority of external suction vacuum sealers that require channelled (or sometimes called embossed, textured or ribbed) bags. Our vacuum bags have a circular textured design, known as 'vacflow', which allows the air to escape the bags quicker than cross-channelled bags, therefore speeding up the vacuum process and ensuring all the air is quickly and efficiently removed.

These bags are compatible with FoodSaver, Andrew James, Eiffel Freshpack Pro, Magi Vac, JML, VPS518, AVS550, Rival Seal a Meal, Levac 3, Levac 4 and many other domestic and professional external vacuum packing appliances.