1 Ltr Marinating Vacuum Canister

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For use with your vacuum sealer marinating feature. Made from clear SAN, a tough thermal resistant plastic, this 1litre square vacuum marinator has the following features:-

  1. Ideal for quickly marinating food using the marinating feature 
  2. Freezer, and dishwasher-safe. 
  3. Date coding indication by MM/DD (12 months and 31 days). 
  4. Vacuum pressure indicator, just press to release vacuum.
  5. Made of clear SAN, lid is made of durable plastic ABS, food safe guaranteed.
Note: These containers are only suitable for the 'marinate' feature of your sealer. The normal canister setting is too strong for these canisters, and can lead to the canisters failing or even imploding. Please purchase the normal canisters if you wish to use for normal storage
1 x 1l canister and lid
1 x connecting hose